Mikko Elomaa


Sami Kivinen




In his work, Mikko combines the ability to keep a process open to new directions while steering it onward with determination. He has qualities unique to coaches. He is a good listener, always present and gives room for us to create new ideas.

Matti Hirvanen
Dialogue Tools Finland Oy

During my career of over 25 years, I have gained extensive experience in a coaching leadership style and developing organisations in various roles. For most of my life, I have worked outside Finland and learned to appreciate the strength that derives from diversity of cultures in organisations.

Personally, I have a coaching leadership style: I am goal-oriented, thorough and I see challenges as possibilities.

A coaching leader is someone who helps others recognize their own strengths. When necessary, good leaders must also be able to step out of their comfort zone.

I have a degree in engineering as well as an eMBA. I have also completed a training for board members. I believe that continuous self-development is a prerequisite for working as a coach. A degree in solution-focused brief therapy is my latest accomplishment, which I completed at Helsinki Psychotherapy Institute.


Sami is an expert in customer service who leads customer experiences and teams in international environments. He is a skilled professional who can develop operations together with different partners.

Hanna Paananen
Head of Cabin Crew

I have been working for Finnair since 2006, where I have also completed a leadership training, and gained strong experience in leading teams.

I have also completed a bachelor’s degree in social services and wrote my thesis on the significance of peer support in workplace well-being.

I have just finished my degree in solution-focused brief therapy at Helsinki Psychotherapy Institute.